Hastings Convenient Care, PC has a mission to promote the health and well being of the Hastings population by providing accessible, affordable, convenient, compassionate, premier health care for people of all ages.

We will consistently provide outstanding customer service by highly skilled and qualified providers to treat most non-emergency cases.

Regarding Billing

We’re in-network with most major insurers (please see the list below), so patients are simply responsible for their copay on the day of their visit. For patients without insurance, we do require payment in full on the day of service. However, we offer a 20% discount when payment is made in full on that day, regardless of insurance coverage.

Feel free to call for approximate prices of our visits.

If you’re insured, we recommend you contact your insurance company before your visit to verify coverage, including copays, co-insurance or deductibles.

If you are uninsured or prefer to pay out of pocket, we accept cash and/or credit cards.

Major insurers include BlueCross BlueShield, Nebraska Medicaid, Medicare, Midlands Choice, and United HealthCare.

HCC, PC is not a substitute for the local hospital emergency department, where heath care providers specialize in caring for true emergencies, such as chest pain, heart attacks, multiple trauma, and other true emergency illnesses and injuries.

**If you have a medical emergency or require immediate assistance due to an accident or injury, please call 911.**

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